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I recently finished reading “Spirit Junkie” by Gabrielle Bernstein.  I was amazed by how my spirit was guided to exactly the right people, places, and resources as I read the book.  Miracle after miracle poured in for me.  Having never met Gabby, I felt instantly connected with her through her words.  The book reaffirmed my spiritual journey and my belief in miracles.

When I was a child, I remember my grandmother playing a gospel radio station as we dressed for church on Sunday.  Just yesterday, The Clark Sisters, “Expect a Miracle” rang through my car radio and I smiled.  It reminded me that even so long ago miracles were in the making.  Listen below as The Clark sisters sing  their song, “Expect a Miracle”along with Donnie McClurkin on TBN.

I’ve set an alarm on my phone for 2pm each day just as Gabby instructed to remind me that my next miracle is just around the corner.  Try it! You’ve got everything to gain.