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“Right in the middle of my life, I realized that I wasn’t where I wanted to be. It was like I’d wandered off the right path into a very, very bad neighborhood.”
Those are the opening sentences to Martha Beck’s book entitled, Finding Your Own North Star.  When I read those words, I literally stopped mid-sentence and re-read the lines over and over again.  I could relate.  I was currently living the same realization. Imagine the shock to wake up one day with the understanding that you are truly lost. In my case, I felt that this couldn’t happen at a worst time.  Everything around me seemed to be crumbling and I was forced to take a cold, hard look within.

Luckily (speaking sarcastically), there were just as many good-meaning souls who wanted to share their advice as there were prickly pears waiting to sting me in the behind!  All the noise around me pushed me further within and made me use my own inner compass to gauge exactly what the issues were.  Books, classes and “real authentic” soul helpers appeared.  Soon, I felt stronger and able to speak with clarity and confidence about the desires of my heart.

If you too have felt or are feeling as though you’ve somehow wandered off track, take a moment to let the chaos settle in your heart and head.  Then take some time to assess who you are, what you want and why.  Then dig deep, gather a good support system and never ever lose track of your goals.  It’s going to be hard work to resurface on the shiny side of life.  But I promise, if you forge through, it will be worth it.

Happy Hunting Lovelies!

More on my journey coming soon.