Lately, I’ve been consumed with reading all things healing. I’m reading Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck. The book is full of wonderful exercises on “how to” live a deliberate and intentional life.  I thought I’d share a bit here.

1. Figure out what hurt you.  Probe for areas that make you uneasy or are a source of discomfort.

2. Find a sane, sympathetic audience.

a. one who genuinely cares about you

b. one who is not preoccupied by his or her own unhealed wounds

c. one who isn’t afraid to talk about emotional issues.

d. one who can understand and empathize with your pain without trying to fix it immediately.

3. Get to the truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth.  Write down what happened and how you felt. Then write what REALLY happened and how you REALLY felt.

4. Accept Others’ Compassion and Learn to Extend It to Yourself.  Learning self-love comes most easily to people who have been well-loved by others.    If this isn’t you, this step might be difficult but essential.

Pick up the book for more insightful tips!