As a child we receive messages from our parents, friends, teachers and relatives.  Hopefully, most of the messages are good.  They reinforce our good nature, inspire us to greatness, and reward positive character traits.  We go through life and meet new friends, teachers, partners and receive more messages.  Hopefully, those messages are good as well.  They tell us that we are loved, beautiful, smart, worthy and wanted.  We each have a built-in tape recorder in our mind.  We want the recorder to re-play good things, encourage, inspire and uplift us.  But what happens when we’ve let the recorder run negative messages, limiting beliefs and out-dated information?  It can harm our path in life.  Each step can be painful.  You have a choice.  Listen to what your mind is saying.  Replace those old views with new, positive ones.  You can chart your own course with messages that you create.  These new messages will be more powerful than any limited belief that you’ve held on to for far too long.  So, find the delete button and record new messages about your beauty, your intelligence, your worth and watch as the Universe embraces everything that you are.  “Create your own song.” – Zenscribe