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Have you ever been pressed into a situation that you didn’t want to be in?  Yet, the other party wouldn’t give up until you agreed?  They persisted or made you feel guilty until you gave in? I’ve had my share of yes, no, maybe situations too.  If you want to end the cycle, start here.  Take the time to evaluate the hows and whys of the relationships that constantly push boundaries.  If you find yourself in the cycle of giving in when you really don’t want to, start standing firm on your no’s.  Relationships that force you into situations can make you feel powerless.  Surely, you want to feel empowered, right? (Is that a firm yes?)  If you never stand firm on your no’s, what are you really standing for?

Constantly saying yes when you want to say no drives you further away from your life goals. The journey of life is about happiness. It’s your life!  Start living like it!

Where should you say “no” more often in order to say “yes” to you?  Say it now and stay firm.  No, means NO, not maybe and not yes!  Take your life back.

“Men are not against you; they are merely for themselves.” — Gene Fowler/WC Fields