During a day, we are confronted with many types of stimuli.  Some are good and some are bad.  The great thing about you and me, is that we have the ability to choose what we take in.

Use the steps below when you are trying to decide what you need and what to throw away.

1. Keep those things which are useful.  Kind words, nice sentiments, good advice, fair critiques, kindness, and generosity.  You’ll feel the glow of the positive vibrations of the things mentioned above and you’ll want to relish in it.  Those things are keepers!

2.  Throw out those things which are harmful to your psyche.  Harsh words, unfair criticism, hatred, jealousy, and resentment. You’ll know because you’ll feel a tinge inside which makes you feel uneasy.  Toss those things into an endless sea!

Get the idea?  Try this several times throughout a day and begin to notice the results.  Soon, you will be filled with a world full of wonderful goodness!

Happy Hunting!