I’m sure each of us has heard that statement in some form or fashion many times.   I’ve finally grasped how important it is to create your destiny in your mind before you can fully realize it.

Here are a few steps to help you gain the things you want.

1. Focus on what you want.  This means being deliberate about your thoughts and creating a list of things you want to achieve; success, love, prosperity, etc.  Once you know what you want, anything that is out of line with your desires can be easily weeded out.

2. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.  When negative thoughts creep in, it’s important not to give them life.  Instead replace those thoughts with positive thoughts.  Embrace your ultimate intent as your single focused goal; all other things/thoughts are unimportant.

3. Believe that you have the power to affect change in your life.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, outdone or powerless.  The reality of the situation is that only you can control your world. You must modify your thought process and know that you deserve and are worthy of success, love and abundance in all things.

4.  Realize that it takes time to harness the mind.  You may be in a cycle of deep depression or resentment.  If that is the case, it may take some time to re-train your mind.  Be patient with yourself and constantly center your thoughts on the positives.  Visualize yourself in a loving relationship, see the dollar signs in your bank account, focus on obtaining a job that you love.  In time, all that you seek will be given to you.

Once you master the “law of attraction”, seek and attract what you want.

Love and Light!