At times, we can start and stay engulfed in our own little “pity party” because of the love we feel as though we didn’t receive from a parent or loved one.  If this is you and you feel as though you still need validation, let this post serve as just that.  Yes, what happened to you was wrong.  No, you didn’t deserve to be mistreated or misused.  Yes, you deserve more and a resounding yes, you are worthy of love!  Now is the time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move beyond the hurt.  What will you do with your new-found wisdom now that you are older, wiser and perhaps a little bruised from the cause? I hope that you will use your experiences to help build someone else up.  The best way to heal from your wounded child archetype is not by focusing on the love you didn’t receive but by reaching out to others who are in desperate need of an expression of love.   Reach out…someone is waiting for you.

Love & Light!