You hear people say “let it go” almost as often as you hear “hello”.  Although it’s easy and comfortable to hold on to old memories, hurt and pain; it’s equally as damaging.  These negative thoughts keep you trapped in your own personal holding cell.  And, though releasing the pain isn’t as easy as just saying the words, here are a few steps to help you let it go.

1. Identify the root of the issue.  In your authentic voice, address the source of the pain.  Face your fears and ask boldly, “what makes me hurt and why?”

2. Make a plan to work through the issue.  This could mean seeking counseling, finding a friend to confide in, journaling or researching your “wound” to find out how others are managing their fears.

3.  Stick with it.  No bruise can be mended overnight.  Have patience with yourself as you work through your issues.  (Don’t give up on yourself, you’re working to change years of negative thinking!)

4. When you’ve healed (you’ll know when you’re ready), then you can really let IT go and free yourself from the prison that you’ve placed yourself in.  Remember life is a journey, you’re halfway there! 🙂

Love and Light Lovelies!