ImageI’m fortunate to have acquired some of the best friends in the business (the journey of life that is).  These relationships weren’t built overnight and they weren’t all easy to cultivate.  We’ve had our share of blow-ups and break-downs.  Most of them have traveled a very long road with me (for that I am truly grateful).  Once we both determined what each of us needed out of the relationship, we were better friends to each other.  During my life’s journey, I’ve also had my fair share of toxic relationships that didn’t quite fit into my life plan.  Those relationships were a lot harder to weed out and ultimately “shake off”.   I always wanted to give it another go or overlook a snarky comment but the reality of the situation is that good people + time + attention + understanding = wonderful blossoming friendships.  When you’re tending your garden, for the best result, you’ve got to cull the weeds.  Good friendships are authentic, valuable and mutually beneficial.

I’ll end in a spirit of gratitude: Thank you to my beautiful chicas for investing their time and energy in me!  Love you!

What characteristics are important in your friendships?  How do you “shake off your haters?”